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MOR wares Manifest Gift Box

MOR wares Manifest Gift Box

£ 55

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This beautiful gift box has been pressed with gold foil lettering on the top and within the lid.  The top of the box reads 'Manifest, harness the power within'.

You'll open the lid to see 'Your thoughts literally create your world, and on this basis you have the power to change anything you want'.

The study box is a dark grey with a magnetic lid to clip it into place - perfect for storing your keepsakes and precious things for years to come!


1 x organic embroidered t-shirt or jumper of your choice

1 x A5 unframed print - choose from 'kindness matters', 'born to be mild', or 'be brave'

1 x St Eval Tuscan Sea Salt candle (made in Cornwall)

1 x Manifest notebook

1 x 'Positive Power' pencil or 'Currently Manifesting' pencil


1. Choose whether you would like a t-shirt or jumper included in the gift box and add the gift box to your cart. 

2. Go to the product page of the t-shirt or jumper you would like included, choose your size and colour and add this to your cart.

3. Go to the checkout and enter the code GIFT (this option is displayed on the payment page) which will remove the cost of the t-shirt or jumper.

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