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When you purchase any item our our inspiratonal organic clothing, we will donate a portion of the profits to plant one tree. 

Fight for re-forestation! 

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For modern manifestation

The Manifest Journal A5 notebook

"Your thoughts literally create your world, and on this basis you have the power to change anything you want."  

Quite simply...this is a notebook to gather and collect your positive thoughts, dreams and everything you find inspiring in the world around you. 

Our A5 manifest journals are made from recycled paper and card with a beautiful, natural textured front cover.  There are 48 pages of lined paper ready and waiting for you!

Use the manifest journal as your notebook and journey to modern manifestation! This is the first step to realising the potential you hold within yourself to live the life you really want.  Begin with the understanding and written articulation of your goals, what inspires you and what you are grateful for - this is the best way to shape your journey to self-realisation.

Want to know more about modern manifesting and self actualisation...? Head over to the live free journal to find our blog series and resources.


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