3 reasons to switch to organic cotton

When I was starting MOR wares and looking for my clothing suppliers, I knew that in addition to the right style of clothing, the material was key and it had to be organic.  For me, using organic cotton is softer (not necessarily easier to embroider though!), better for the environment and gentler on the skin. 

There are hundreds of reasons why organic cotton is brilliant, but i've summarised my top 3:

1. Organic cotton saves lives

According to this article by David Diezt, choosing to wear organic clothing has an positive influence on your health as well as the planet. It supports workers and farmers in an industry that doesn't expose them to deadly pesticides and toxins.  In fact, non-organic cotton tops the world charts for the crop that uses the most pesticides! It weighs in at more than 10% of the world's pesticides according to Diezt.  

These chemicals have a detrimental effect on farmers and farm workers across the world. The World Health Organisations states that around 20,000 deaths a year in developing countries are caused by pesticides. 

Organic cotton farming negates the use of pesticides and insecticides, which is much safer for the people and planet.

2. Organic cotton lasts longer

Because of the harsh chemicals used and additional processing that regular non-organic cotton is subjected to, it will often start degrading with heavy usage much quicker than organic cotton.  The quality of organic cotton is often much higher than the cotton used in fast-fashion outlets.  

3. Organic cotton is a better choice if you have allergies or skin conditions

If you have sensitive skin or skin allergies, then organic cotton will be softer and gentler for you.  Again, without the addition of pesticides and other nasty chemicals, organic cotton wont irritate your skin as much.  

MOR wares organic clothing

As you know, all of our clothing is made with organic cotton, and all of it is 100% organic with the exception of our charcoal grey t-shirts that are made with 60%.

The clothing is GOTS certified which is 'a guarantee of the organic status of textiles; from the harvesting of raw cotton to dispatch of the finished garments whilst ensuring all is done in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.'

Aside from ensuring the clothing was ethically and responsibly made, we also wanted to add an extra layer of giving back. In August 2018, we teamed up with the wonderful One Tree Planted, and donate a portion of every sale of our embroidered organic clothing to plant trees around the world.  One product = one tree!

You can find out more about this initiative and our tree planting clothing here.

Now that's some real positive power! 

Organic positive slogan jumper


Jo x

Founder - MOR wares

MOR wares creates ethical organic embroidered t-shirts and jumpers - designed to empower and inspire!

Each embroidered design is inspired by the beauty of nature, and the slogans act as a daily reminder of everyone's ability to empower themselves and each other when look within and trust.

You can see the full collection of embroidered tops here.

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