3 things to remember about being brave

I absolutely love the quote "Where flowers bloom, so does hope', it is so evocative and always reminds me the first spring feeling when the flowers start to bloom again and everything looks so vivid. We finally begin to rise out of winter and know that hopes for spring are coming to fruition. 

This article is really about the connection between hope, bravery and fear, and how they are so deeply intertwined with each other, we can't easily have one without the other. Being brave is about having hope in the face of fear, and to some degree, confidence that things will improve - whatever the situation.  It's about keeping your faith larger than your fears...

True bravery = vulnerability 

Bravery comes in so many guises and sometimes being vulnerable and open is one of the bravest things you can do. Quite often we may mistake the seemingly strong or confident person for brave, but underneath the surface is a deep fear buried. Sometimes burying the fear can be useful but done on a long-term basis this can actually serve to compound our issues instead of facing them with hope, and ultimately defeating those fears healthily. 

Bravery vs fear

We can’t be fearless all the time, fear is part of the human condition. But fear twists things, plays tricks and keeps you in dark. If you can keep your faith larger than your fear, you’ll always be led by the good, the real, the hope...

Faith in the universe, the god that you believe in (if you do), faith in the inherent goodness of life, faith in love and faith in each other, our bonds and friendships are your shield against overwhelming fear.

Keep going and keep faith in your heart as often as you can.

3 things to remember about being brave

1. Remember that being brave does not mean being fearless. Being brave is about accepting the fear but not allowing it to become larger than your hope. 

2. It's OK to lean on others. You're not in this alone, and you are not a burden. Lean on the people who love you, let them in and remember vulnerability is absolutely a form of bravery. 

3. Bravery means differen't things to differen't people. Bravery comes in every shape and form and is as individual to a person as their finger print.  It's unlikely you'll know all the inner battles that someone is fighting, so above all be kind and be gentle to others, and to yourself. 

'Where flowers bloom, so does hope'

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