3 key practices to create better balance in your life

'The concept of balance defines our universe. The cosmos, our planet, the seasons, water, wind, fire, and earth are all in perfect balance. We humans are the only exception' - Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Overwhelmed.  With life. 

How often to you find yourself feeling like this? You travel into work to start an 8 hour (or more) stint of your job, and you do this for five days on the trott. On the way to work, your mind is filled with social media posts as you scroll through feeds and take in images, some making you feel inspired, some making you wonder about your own life and how to achieve a better balance.

Images are a snap of a single moment. The perfectly poised and positioned mug of coffee, the blogger's home office space full of marble, cacti and the inspirational quote on the wall. These make us yearn for a glimpse of that perfection in our own life.  

Born to be mild embroidered organic cotton t shirt

We all know (myself included - see above), the work that goes into producing a single picture like that, and the life of the person behind that image is just as overwhelming, full on, scary, sad, joyous, anxious and perfectly imperfect as all of our lives.

However, beyond the aesthetic, what is so appealing about this picture is that it shows a snap shot in time of beauty and balance.  The stillness and peace that we hope to have in our life one day if we can only get to this pay grade, or live in a house like that. The only thing that can drive a more balanced life is looking within yourself, because you already have everything you need. 

How being unbalanced feels

Quite simply, your day to day thoughts and actions, your every day existence isn't marrying with your inner dreams and vision of what you want from life.  This is mentally and physically draining, and I probably need not go much further than headaches, cramps, anxiety, sugar cravings, feeling mentally overwhelmed with your 'to-do' list, for you to pick one you experience on a regular basis. 

The journey to balance starts with three things

 1. Look within

When we stop looking for external forces or 'things' to define who we are, we can start the process of balancing ourselves, and bringing happiness in. If you think that achieving status, wealth or material possessions will bring you long term happiness, then you will always be searching and striving for the next thing.  How do you start this process...? Switch off, meditate, give yourself time to think and contemplate, take a walk in the woods, read philosophy, be an impartial viewer on your own life. There are so many articles, books and inspirational teachers where you can find out more.

2. Focus on love

Love yourself first and give yourself a break. It is not selfish to put yourself first when you're not doing so from fear. When you are in balance with your mind and body, you can give so much more to those around you.  Find compassion for yourself and for others, keep it there and you'll find this is returned tenfold by the universe. 

3. Let go

Let go, let go, let go. The universe will see to everything that truly needs to get done. It has a plan for you, and by letting go you can allow it to do its job.  You cannot control life, and every part of your worry about getting this or that done stems from experiences and behaviours you have learnt over the course of your life.  

If all you were to do each day is treat every person and every situation with love and respect, the little things will take care of themselves. x


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