Celebrating female power - what is a Creatrix?

The word creatrix is a reasonably old term and one of those words you come across and wonder why you haven't heard it before. The earliest use of the word stems from the late 1500's from English poet Richard Barnfield - long considered the 'rival poet' to Shakespeare. 

A 'creatrix' is a female who creates, one who brings forth. Now this is taken further by the famous psychologist Erich Neumann and it is this passage that inspired me to create our Creatrix embroidered t-shirt.

"She is the creative Earth, which not only brings forth and swallows life, but as that which transforms also lets the dead thing be resurrected and leads the lower to the higher....
Creatrix embroidered organic white t-shirt
...This matriarchal world is geocentric; the stars and signs of the zodiac are the heavenly girdle of the Earth Goddess and are arranged around her as the true center around which everything revolves." -- Eric Neumann

This beautiful passage is evocative and takes us on a journey through time - from the very beginning. It recognises that power and spiritual beauty of the feminine which I have translated into the creatrix t-shirt. 

This is not just for creative types, this design is for the power we all have within ourselves to create good, bring the light and connect with the planet in whatever form that may take.

Creatrix embroidered organic t-shirt

 Jo x