The Christmas Guide: A few of our favourite things

Much to the detriment of my back account, I have long loved to discover new products from awesome small businesses. In fact I used to do this as a job before I moved to Cornwall. I have spent a lot of time travelling the UK attending fairs and craft shows, and loved nothing more than the thrill of finding a unique and beautiful item! For me, the items on my wish list are always products that instantly make me smile, they're fun and beautifully made or manufactured with care. Here are a few of my recent finds and recommendations for Christmas 2019.

(None of these are ads or gifted - they are genuinely brilliant products and I have included one MOR wares because I couldn't help myself!) 

Enjoy! Jo x

1. SHB Pottery

The dreamiest of mugs made in Devon

(next Etsy update is the 23rd November!)
SHB Pottery

2. Lauren Aston's Knit Your Own Pompoms jumper

I don't think I have seen a cooler knit your own kit! Warning... head to Lauren's website and you'll want to buy everything ❤️
Lauren Aston's Knit Your Own Pompoms jumper

3. Annie Doran Smith's La Peche A2 Peach Print

I have long admired Annie's illustrations! In fact if I am not at the MOR wares stand during a show, it's probably because I am at Annie's stocking up on cards! 

Annie Doran Smith's La Peche A2 Peach Print

4. Roake Studio's Brass Hair Slide

At £12 these brass hair slides are the best thing you will ever buy for your mane! I have one myself, and I can assure you it is INCREDIBLE!

Roake Studio's Brass Hair Slide

(image via

5. Wanderlust Life Jewellery

Designed and created in Devon, this jewellery is beautifully understated and minimal with gemstones taking centre stage! You'll know which one to pick for you loved one - just choose their birth stone! Bloom Boutique also do beautiful personalised jewellery!

(image via

6. Atelier Stella - the Polar Bear Pot

It's a ceramic polar bear pot in white and (real) gold... need I say more? It's so beautiful - will someone buy me one please?

(image via

5.The MOR wares gift box

I wanted to sneak this in here because it's a new product and I am so excited about it!  The beautiful gift box has been pressed with gold foil lettering on the top and within the lid. It comes with 5 goodies too!

The MOR wares gift box