The miraculous feeling of letting go and achieving the ultimate freedom

It may be an old adage, but happiness truly does come from within.  No amount of money, fancy cushions or holidays can make up for a lack of love for yourself and the life you live.

I have been an expert on 'future focus', which can be good when it's paired with nice things like drive and ambition, but future focus is not so good is when you are under the false belief that if you reach a certain goal, have a certain job or the right amount of money in the bank things will be better.  This is defined as chasing your tail or always striving, never arriving...

Seeing the perfection we already are

So how do we 'arrive' or better yet, return to the gift we were given at birth but grew out of, the gift that what we have is enough, WE ARE ENOUGH.  We don't need a new job, more money or more clothes to make us better, happier, people with a more instagrammable life.  We are just perfect thank you very much, if only we can see it within ourselves.

One of the most important lessons I have learnt, and something that when things get a bit too much, I can always depend on to bring me out of panic is to detach yourself from the outcome. 

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Detaching yourself from the outcome...

By calling a halt on future focusing, and letting go of all preconceptions of what might/could/ 'will be if I do this, or that' we instantly relinquish the stress and hand things over to the universal power that is (whether this is Mama Earth, God, Buddha, fate or whatever loving unseen entity you believe in).   

Marianne Williamson talks about the power of giving up results in her book A Return to Love, 'When we stop trying to control events, they fall into a natural order, an order that works.'  Having a fundamental belief in the inherent love that permeates this universal power is key, and trusting that when we give up control, we let it do its job - much better than we can.

I have found this one thing allows the control freak in me to chill out! I have been learning to accept what comes and trust that I will be led down the right path - everything and everyone in my life is here at the right time, and whatever the outcome, it will be the best thing for me.  A very happy byproduct to this is that I also have a better work/life balance, and I can prioritise my health and self-care (aka relaxing time) without the ridiculous guilt that comes with the 'must hustle / rise and grind' mentality.

So, for now... put down your phone, go about your day and just...don't do much. Enjoy the present, radiate love and the universe will take care of the rest.  Now that is true freedom!

Creatrix embroidered organic cotton t-shirt from MOR wares


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MOR wares creates ethical organic embroidered t-shirts and jumpers - designed to empower and inspire!

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MOR wares organic embroidered clothing designed to empower and inspire