Founding MOR wares, the design process and whether we are a company that believes pineapple has a place on pizza...

I recently had a virtual catch up with the Denver based blogger/vlogger/creative/all-round superwoman Erin from Radiant Fibres.  Erin has a new YouTube series interviewing creative entrepreneurs, finding out about inspirations, designs and the highs and lows of running a creative business.

Excitingly I was the first interview in the series and we chatted about why I founded MOR wares, what I hope to achieve and how the designs come into being...


Jo x

Founder - MOR Wares

MOR wares inspires the discovery of a lifestyle better connected with the earth, and with your truth.

We create high quality and ethically minded organic embroidered t-shirts and jumpers. Each embroidered design is inspired by the beauty of nature, and the slogans act as a daily reminder of everyone's ability to empower themselves and each other when look within and trust.

Positive power slogan organic embroidered top t-shirt

You can see the full collection of embroidered t-shirts and tops, as well as our photographic prints here.