What is manifesting....? A modern guide to self actualisation and why it's easier than you think

'Manifest your wildest dreams', 'change your life in 4 easy steps', 'Go from penniless to a millionaire in a year' .... these are just a few of the promises offered from life coaches and self-help gurus, and although they relate to manifesting as a concept, they are a million miles away from the type of manifesting we're all about at MOR wares. 

Our reason for being: we want to help you navigate this world to live fully, live in your truth and create the life you want.

When WE talk about manifesting this is what we mean:

Put quite simply, manifesting is a way of thinking, believing and doing that will bring about positive life changes.  These changes may be small or magnificent, quick and easy steps, or the start of long, rewarding journey. 

The concept of manifesting and self actualisation has been around for quite some time. Many manifestation writers and 'coaches' will encourage meditation, mantras and verbal affirmations as part of a set of actions that will bring all of your wildest dreams to fruition.  And all of those things are great, but if meditation and affirmations aren't really your thing, even if they are but you struggle with it... we're here for you!

Modern manifesting is about heart and purpose, and we're here to show you that it's easy to do, rewarding in every aspect of your life and it will change your perspective...therefore it will change your life!

This is not a quick fix, nor is it a hard slog... it's redressing negative thought patterns and giving you a wider perspective - one that's all about the journey, not the end game!

In our blog series, we'll give you guidance, ideas, inspiration and plenty of motivation to get you started.

First thing is first... here are some concepts that you need to get to know:

1. "I'll see it when I believe it"

That's right... you don't need to see something to believe it. Trust, knowing and confidence are the aim of the game.

2. Start with what you already have

 This is the gratitude attitude.  Be thankful for everything you already have, and start the process of living as if want you want is already here.... 

3. The universe has your back

There is no malice in the universal force, only love.  The universe has your back, it wants you to succeed and will make it happen if you open yourself up to it. For further reading, check out Gabby Bernstein's book on this very thing!

4. Love and fear

Two opposing forces...one is real, one is an illusion (you can guess which is which).  We'll be talking about this a lot!

5. Enjoy the process 

Manifesting is something to enjoy and get excited about. This isn't a plan or finite activity, this is a way of life and it will touch everything that you do in such a magical way!

So, what's next...?

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