Your guide to self-care and easy ways to start today

The term 'self-care' has been around for years, but began to really build momentum in 2017 - this year, it's in full focus, and long may it last!  As I begin to type this article, it's the 2nd Jan 2018 and I am back at my full-time job (on my lunch break of course) after a Christmas break that consisted of sofa, pinterest and family time (aka incredible).

The months preceding Christmas were the full-on type of stress that we let slide because we know we have a break coming, and if it weren't for the week off, totally unsustainable.  In the last few days of the holidays I could feel the weight of my to-do list, and all the things I had promised myself I would get done, but didn't...I still feel it now.

Ultimately, worrying and stressing about your to-do list is a waste of energy, and completely unnecessary.  If something has to get done...the universe will see that you do it.  And if you start to prioritise the real work, taking care of your body and mind, everything else becomes clear, manageable and much more enjoyable.

Taking a self-care approach is simply owning the care you give yourself.  Treating yourself with the same respect and love as you would treat your dearest.  In any given stressful or anxiety-filled moment, if you can take a step back and think 'what's the one thing I can do to take care of myself here', you're halfway there (more on that in part 2).  

In part 1 of the self-care guide I am looking specifically at the physical things we do that affect the body (and mind). 

These are so obvious, we all know it, but with busy lives, multiple priorities it is so easy to let one or all of the below slide.  If you can nail down just one of these, the other two become so much easier.  There are reams of brilliant information on each of these subjects, just a google away! So I have simply given you a few easily do-able (and fun) tips that you can start today - these are things that genuinely help me through the dark January days:


  1. Get boring chores out of the way as soon as you get home, and then get ready for bed (face washed / PJs on). This gets you into relaxing mode quicker, and you are less likely to look for screen distractions from the washing up.  Also, I am a firm believer in tidy space, happier mind.

  2. They all say it (because it's true), turn off screens an hour before bed and don't spend your last waking moments of the day on your phone. The blue light emitted from your screens mimics daylight when your body clock is getting ready to wind down - not cool.

  3. Get your 8 hours of 'bed time'. Even if you don't fall asleep easily, your body needs the rest.

  4. Lavender (wonder herb!) Whatever potion you choose, it's really about the small signals that mentally prepare you for sleep.  A candle - True Grace is my all time favourite, facial oil - I've just started using Dr Kiehl's Midnight Recovery, and it is a bottle of relaxing goodness for the skin.  If you're not big on lavender, I've recently used Champney's pillow mist which is soothing and the best thing just as you get into bed. Note - these are genuine recommendations of products I use, and I have not been paid to mention them...unfortunately. 


  1. Start the day right with a proper breakfast that contains a good helping of fruit or veg.  

  2. Make food that nourishes your body AND makes you happy. The thought of no-carb weekdays is just too much to bear on a cold January morning!

  3. Cook from scratch, cram in as many vegetables as possible and don't omit the things that make your heart sing. Just don't reach for the second helping of mac n' cheese - that will not make you feel good the next day.


  1. Unless you've injured yourself, have you ever felt bad after a gym session? It can be so hard to motivate yourself for any type of non-sofa sitting at this time of year, but this is EXACTLY the time of year when you need it most.

  2. Exercise for your health and how it makes you feel, not to get skinny. If you are positive, sleep enough, balance your diet and move on the daily your body will thank you and you will feel great.

  3. Don't obsess over it, and don't feel guilty if you just couldn't face it - you're not alone! However, try and do online Yoga class, even if it's 15 mins has so much stretchy body and mind goodness, and it will stop the guilt train coming to town. Nameste sister! 

Check back in for part 2 of the self-care guide where I'll be talking about happiness from within.

Jo x

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