Why rest is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself in 2019

Rest can come in many shapes and forms.  The rest I am writing about isn't necessarily a day in bed (although we all need those from time to time) - it's a rest of the mind from the everyday, a rest from 'the hustle'. These days are so important to avoid burn out and spark those creative juices. Also restful days allow us to appreciate the beauty of life - from the smell of coffee grounds, to the myriad of greens in a garden.

Over the past two years, I have become guilty of not taking enough rest and not being able to switch off.  It seems like the more you busy yourself, the harder it is to stop and feel OK with sitting down and spending an afternoon reading.  I've come to realise that really switching off takes discipline and practice.  

It's quite easy to do over the Christmas holidays, when everyone else is doing the same, but then January ensues and we head feet first into our goals for the year. 

This year, one of my top new year's resolutions will be to rest more, trust in the power of the universe to get me to where I need to be, in it's own time and appreciate a slower flow to life. 

More rest means...

1. Better relationships.  Being well rested allows you to fill your (metaphorical) well and give more of your love and attention to the people who mean the most to you.  Once you carve out more time for yourself, you learn to carve out more time for others and that time becomes joy over necessity.

2. Less enforced downtime.  How many times have you become ill when you start your holidays after a period of high stress? It's not fun and it's incredibly frustrating.  We can't always stop ourselves from catching the flu but we can give our immune systems a much better chance of fighting off bugs if we haven't battered it with stress for weeks on end.  Stress and anxiety can weaken the immune system, so taking some time out to rest should be as much a part of your health regime as regular exercise and eating well.

3. Increased creativity, problem solving and new ideas.  How many times have you solved a problem or come up with a new idea when in the shower, or on a long walk. The brain has to be allowed to mull over things, and when you are constantly thinking about everything on your to-do list or worrying about your new project, there is no room for creative thinking.

MOR wears Creatrix organic t-shirt

One of the most wonderful things about existing is discovering new ideas and ways of thinking. The inspiration you glean from the world around you can be nurtured by letting it be and letting it settle into a new idea.

If you are able to give up some control to the universe (see more on this in our post The miraculous feeling of letting go and achieving the ultimate freedom)

and trust that what's meant to be will be, you no longer need to pull and tear at a creative project or idea....the genius will come, and it will be even better for having been allowed to cook low and slow.  

Jo x

Founder - MOR wares

MOR wares creates ethical organic embroidered t-shirts and jumpers - designed to empower and inspire!

Each embroidered design is inspired by the beauty of nature, and the slogans act as a daily reminder of everyone's ability to empower themselves and each other when look within and trust.

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MOR wares organic embroidered clothing designed to empower and inspire